Use Travel Router as USB WiFi Dongle

Would it be possible to enable “client mode” functionality ( computer connects to router via ethernet cable while router connects to WiFi ) all via USB ?

Ideally Power + Data ( Ethernet ) could all just go over 1 cable. That way you could just bring a long USB cable , and access the internet through the GLiNet router.

You can Google for “OpenWRT client mode LuCI” on how to configure “client mode” with the LuCI UI.

See this thread on RNDIS USB Ethernet:

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

The USB150 was perfect for this, but its now been listed as EOL. I have one that I carry as my backup travel router for times when my AR750s is acting up.

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I think you mean this thread, right

WOW USB150 has no similar product as replacement? Why discontinued?

Looks perfect , how can we buy this GL-iNet ?

Chipset discontinued so does the product.

Are you planning to release similar product with same capabilities?

Until now we don’t find a solution.