VPN Profile Name Editing in WebAdmin Panel and GLiNET App

Having gone through what feels like hundreds of combinations in my quest for my Beryl AX to replicate iOS Client Mode behaviour, I have noticed a few issues (for me) which I think would benefit the interface of both the WebAdmin and the GLiNET App.

  1. In both WebAdmin and the GLiNET APP, you can rename the WG Config, but you cannot rename the OpenVPN Profile. I appreciate that the interface doesn’t want you to be editing OpenVPN profiles themselves (actually why not?) but surely allow it to be RENAMED?

Why? Because the GLi interface suffixes the OpenVPN profile with a huge long name which is just ugly.

In the “From App” screens it prefixes them with “app_custom_” which I assume is required ot differentiat ethem from the Profile in the Phone?

  1. For some reason (I do not recall adding it, nor does my ASUS-generated default have it) my WG Profile “FromApp” suddenly had a line MTU=1280 in it. Is this a default added by GLiNET?

If not, then upon deleting it in the “Item mode” of the WebAdmin, when I went to VPN Dashboard (i.e NOT the WG Client menu), Options, it comes up with the screen shown below with “0” in it. It should be blank here surely and not 0? Hopefully justa cosmetic issue.

3. VPN Global Options do not seem to be sticky?


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Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it and will work to improve the issues you mentioned.

No worries; these are largely cosmetic (albeit frustrating), but include issues such as the options between App and WebAdmin that don’t stick; and the MTU staying at 0 (this is a technical issue).

What I would really like is that you sort out my VPN issue, in the referred-to (separate) thread. There must be a simple solution.