Zerotier cannot install on axt1800 (libstdcpp6 too old)

After installing zerotier with opkg, it fails with a runtime error due to an outdated version of the libstdcpp6. Is there anywhere with guidance on how to recompile libstdcpp6?

hello and welcome to the forum,

i had a similar issue

Thanks. How would I go about compiling libstdcpp6? The link you show is version 8.4.0-3 , but the one in the AXT1800’s opkg repository is 5.5.0-3

should be able to install the package, without the need to compile.

Installing from opkg gets me libstdcpp6_5.5.0-3_arm_cortex-a7.ipk . However, this library is too old and results in runtime errors in zerotier:

Error relocating /usr/bin/zerotier-idtool: _ZNSt6thread15_M_start_threadESt10unique_ptrINS_6_StateESt14default_deleteIS1_EEPFvvE: symbol not found
Error relocating /usr/bin/zerotier-idtool: _ZNSt6thread6_StateD2Ev: symbol not found
Error relocating /usr/bin/zerotier-idtool: _ZTINSt6thread6_StateE: symbol not found

fwiw, for openwrt issues,
i post at the openwrt forum and usually get a solution.

I would post it there, but the issue here is that the axt1800 is using a CPU architecture that is not yet supported by regular openwrt. Therefore, there is no prebuilt package, and openwrt has no tutorials on compiling for this device. Even the gl-inet SDK doesn’t mention this architecture, and that’s why I’m asking on this forum.

I’m having some luck with 4.0.2 beta, but using 4.0 repositories for some of opkg. Was able to get zerotier to work, as well as extroot (external USB storage) on AXT1800

good, me too, i got that working
edit: using v4.0.0 on axt1800, extroot works well

those are good points.

and having recently built a custom firmware for my AR750S,
i was expecting to do the same for my AXT1800

so, no way to compile a custom firmware for the axt1800?
is that correct?

As @zzz said, try 4.0.2.

This should not be a problem, unless it is. Need to fix then.

To compile firmware of your own, check How to compile firmware for AXT1800

Hey zzz… when you get close to this being cookbook, could we talk you into making a guide? and posting it somewhere?
Maybe here isn’t most appropriate? Perhaps /r/zerotier at Reddit.