Can copy folder with files to network share (samba) but not individual files Mac OS Ventura GL-AXT1800

I have strange behavior with my macbook pro running Ventura and usb storage connected to my GL-AXT1800. I can not copy individual files to the samba share, but oddly, I can copy a folder with the same files contained to the share with no issues. Individual files get this error:

“The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -50)”

Things to note:
I tried both Samba and WebDav and neither work for copying individual files. Folders with files are fine
I tried anonymous and user secured share access
I have the latest firmware on my GL-AXT1800
The usb drive connected directly to the macbook copies the individual files just fine
I have checked all permissions and access
I tried to copy an individual file to a folder that was successfully copied and still get the error
This problem doesn’t exist when using windows to connect to the shares
I don’t see any hidden lock files etc on the share or files I am copying
Share is EXFAT

Any ideas why folders copy fine to the share and individual files get error -50 only on mac OS?

Does it work if chmod 777 /the/samba_target_folder?