DD-WRT for AR300M NAND available an restore bac by Uboot Web UI possible?

DD-WRT for ar300m NAND available ? It can be GL.iNet ar300m NAND, are equal router from other company.


After DD-WRT or other 3`rt party firmware, its possible to restore original GL-iNet Firmware by Uboot Web UI?

Yes, but the last time I checked, DD-WRT did not support DNSSEC / DNScrypt so I dont see a compelling reason to use it since there is no package manager.


Support DNSSEC / DNScrypt by Open WRT sound interresting. A I dont find a menue for this on Open WRT.

menue like the follow will be ideal:

Support of non dangerous NTP version will be great feature on Open WRT too.

For v2.27 firmware, dnscrypt-proxy has update to 1.9.4.

Ok, the dnscrypt-proxy has update to 1.9.4. Thats sounds good.
A how to find releated menues like the follow for config?

It doesn’t support now, we will consider adding this feature.

Secure DNS and NTP by web menue will be a great value feature.

2.27 has given me nothing but problems for real