GL router, improvement potential for 2021, feature requests and brain storming

New year, new chance for happy customers and shareholders.

I see potential for possible improvements p.e. on follow:


  • show the full version number of firmware on webinterface (for beta firmware too)
  • replace the since many year broken Md5 validation, by sha256 or so on
  • support of WPA3
  • replace the non secured NTP, by a secured alternate like NTS
  • support of router own transparent http and https proxy like squirld or other. Can save the cached pages on USB Stick


  • support of wifi AX
  • support of LTE for one part of devices.
  • it can be, can save the money from non removable external antenna

Thats just my 2 cents.

It can be, the customer and shareholder will like it.

For NTS, the secure alternate of NTP, you can check the follow:

Other interesting:


Most of the new features is supported already or will be supported.

  • Version number will be regulated
  • sha256 is already on 3.105
  • WPA3 is on 3.200

NTP is new though. This can be considered.
http(s) proxy is also new. Can you configure squid by yourself?