2021, gl-inet Firmware 3.2 on snapshot folder

Is there already a snapshot folder for the 3.2 firmware of gl mainstream router ?

Other interesting:

Not yet. But it will be in GL.iNet download center when it is available.

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That’s great. Because, some customers are pushed by their customers to ban non-WPA3 compatible devices from your networks.

Whats the meaning of remark “Pls do not use the firmwares in this folder until this file is removed.txt” ? Are the 3.2x snapshot versions are known not working or what does the remark mean. It can be some costumer like to take a look and testing the snapshot versions on follow folder:

It is early testing firmware so more bugs. Just wait several days until the major bugs are fixed.

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Can we expect 3.2 to fix the major bug with the USB150, that the web interface is all but unusable. that getting timeouts and pages fail to load?

Thank you for upgrade .
I am used mv1000w,hope wifi support WPA3,dnsmasq-full used latest version,dnscrypt proxy1 upgrade to dnscrypt proxy2.