Is no WPA2 Enterprise on Beryl AX a hardware limitation?

The Beryl AX does not support connecting to WPA2 Enterprise networks according to the wiki. Is this a hardware limitation or can this be done through CLI and messing with luci?

Basically love everything about the Beryl AX, really the only problem I have is that I can’t hook it up to WPA2 Enterprise networks, that’s sadly quite a big deal when I have to work from shared offices. But the Slate AX is chunkier and heavier :frowning:

(A workaround currently is to use an Android phone to share the WPA2 Enterprise connection to the Beryl, but that isn’t great)

There is a 4.6 beta that should support connecting EAP


Whoa really? Let me give that a go

Where can I find 4.6? The latest beta in the download center is still 4.5

Click the link in my post above.

Finally had time to try this firmware and it works perfectly! Will this come to the next 4.6 release or will this stay as a separate thing?

Either way, I am very happy with this, it means I don’t need to buy a Slate just for EAP :heart:

Nees more test to decide. But we prefer to just keep one driver

I hadn’t noticed that my Beryl AX doesn’t support EAP and was surprised it couldn’t connect to a certain network.

Just installed the 4.6 version that alzhao provided and now it does have EAP support and I can connect to the network. Happy customer! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hopefully this feature will soon be available in the official 4.6 firmware release!

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