New Firmware Download Page

We just update firmware download page. Pls check

We are still working on different level of details.

Your feedback is highly appreciated.


Maybe pin this topic for a bit? It’s easy for people to miss otherwise.

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It would be too much to ask that is it possible that each variation of a Snapshot firmware will specify what changes have been made in each version?

For example:
-Snapshot 2021-12-14, translation problems have been corrected, etc…
-Snapshot 2021-12-15: VPN Policies has been modified or Mac Clone has been improved, etc …

Thank you.

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It is OK. This is something we will do. Just need to automate these more efficiently.

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Thank you. :ok_hand: :+1:

Unfortunately at this moment the new site is not working properly. Where can I find the firmware?

Is it still not working properly on your site? Please try to refresh the page to try again.


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I confirm that now it works for me too.
Maybe it was a temporary problem, yesterday I tried several times and from different devices and it didn’t work!

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Just wondering when this will be available for the GL-X300B Collie?
I’m hanging out for a VPN fix as described in Wireguard stuck when rebooting MV-1000W

This does confuse me. I go to normal download page and see normal list. I choose Tor firmware for Mango and my browser does not download but it will force me to a page where I can not download Mango Tor firmware, also it says Mango has no stable release. What?

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You probably have cache issues. Clear your browser cache and try again.

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I can’t find where the *.imgs are does anybody know where they are? i see all the bins, but no images.

It depends on which model you use. For example for AR750s

Love this new format, easy to find and easy to use. Good work devs. !!!


Just update a version to improve the guide.

Would it be worthwhile to add the file size? I’m trying to figure out a way to see whether a nightly differs in any way from the most recent beta.

This download page ( isn’t working for me - any advice? Can see the list, but there are no download links - just see the build information. Am using Chrome on Windows, but tried incognito mode, Edge and Firefox - all the same result. Looking to download latest build for Mango.

That is weird. How about if using mobile browser in your smartphone only via 4G LTE?