Upgrade to 4.5 killed AdGuard Home

Brume 2 is acting as my main router. I got a prompt to upgrade to 4.5, I did, however AdGuard Home stopped working. Status page (port 3000) is no longer responsive and DNS service is down. I attempted to restart the service via UI, but to no avail. Then, I edited the config file using vi removing the – no update string, reboot, but it didn’t do anything.

I deleted the custom gl net packages from Luci and of course couldn’t find them again to reinstall. I installed adguardhome from the plug in screen, and even though it did install OK, I’m stuck at the setup screen, since port 53 (and 5353) are already in use.

How can I install GL.Inet version back?. (without erasing all my other settings?)

Thank you

is this similar to your case? AXT1800 v4.5.0 - AdGuard Home v0.107.43.. problem

I usually upgrade firmware manually using file from this site https://dl.gl-inet.com/ you can find older version here

Yes, thanks, however I don’t want to reset the router as it’s in a different country (and it’s acting as a VPN server) so losing all the config while being away isn’t practical.

Did you upgraded adguard before? If yes then follow thus guide Adguard Home Upgrade - #6 by slesar

‘config.yaml’ was changed port

If your file ‘config.yaml’ broken then delete file and make reset factory with clean setting. Then start over again your setting with vpn, WiFi ssid, etc.

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You could try to just upgrade like @slesar said, but without resetting. Could work as well.
If not, maybe only removing AdGuard via SSH could be successful as well.

If everything fails, you need to recreate the config.yaml

sorry to hear that, i am not sure if you can even downgrade without risk, though it seem you can still can connect to that router, yes? hope someone have good solution or can confirm if you can just re install previous version firmware.

For any reason if your Adguard Home is not running due to upgrade, reset Adguard Home settings, not the router.

ssh to the router and use the following

rm -fr /etc/AdGuardHome/*
cp /rom/etc/AdGuardHome/* /etc/AdGuardHome/


Thank you alzhao, I managed to install AdGuard home again using your instructions, however Adguard is not showing under Applications anymore (I deleted 2 packages from Luci trying to fix it… gl-sdk4-adguardhome and gl-sdk4-ui-adguardhome which are not found in the repository)

AdGuardHome is running fine otherwise. Because I deleted both gl-adg modules, I had to manually forward DNS requests in Luci to make it work.

Only annoying thing is that client requests now show up as coming all from (localhost), but I won’t complain since I screwed up :smiley:
EDIT: the reason seems to be that I have a stripped down version of /etc/init.d/adguardhome, no firewall rules, nada. Since I don’t have the on/off switch under Applications (GUI), I’d rather not mess with it until I can troubleshoot the Brume2 in person. Can’t afford to do much and risk the VPN link ~5,000 miles away.

For now, it’s working.
Thanks again for everybody’s help!

Can you just install it back?

Hi alzhao,
They don’t seem to be available in the repository:

Other “gl-sdk4-” modules are available, but not gl-sdk4-adguardhome or gl-sdk4-ui-adguardhome




The pre-installed packages are not in the repo.
Maybe just reset the firmware.

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I recreated the firewall rules based on the original /etc/init.d/adguardhome in LuCi

now it all works fine like intended. I’ll likely reset the firmware when I’m back home.

There original luci with Adguard Home

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Im glad you got it working. My advice for next time is to ignore upgrade notifications, wait for a period of time after an upgrade is released to see any bugs early adopters report, read the release notes to see if there is really anything fixed that you even care about, and only apply upgrades locally with ability to physically access the router. IMO there have been too many upgrades later retracted because the upgrade breaks more than it fixes,

I’m generally okay with updating firmware remotely, just wasn’t lucky this time. I got another Brume2 running elsewhere which I did upgrade, faced the same issue but this time it was easier as I just copied adguard home back from rom, disabled the --no update flag and updated Adguard Home.

Shouldn’t break the software in the first place, but oh well. It’s working now.

Just wanted to share that with every firmware upgrade, AdGuard Settings are reset to ´factory settings´, so have to manually set custom DNS filters and DNS rewrites again.

Will a backup of the /etc/AdGuardHome/data folder be enough to restore after firmware upgrade?
(In addition to editing /etc/init.d/adguardhome and delete --no-check-update .)


My advice: Run my script - it will take care of everything :wink:

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Custom dns filters store is config.yaml :wink:
I recomend @admon made a script for care adguard home :+1:t2: