Usb150 updated to 3.105 luci is not working well


updated to 3.105, now luci pages are not working.
seems that only overview page is working.
sometimes other pages work and do not work.

on the old firmware, never a problem.

please help, i love my usb150, it is so cute!

can some please help me debug this.

The connection has timed out

The server at is taking too long to respond.

Something might have gone wrong with the upgrade. Try flashing the new firmware with uBoot and see if it works?

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i wish you a new year, perhaps a happy new year

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Happy new year to you too ! :slight_smile:


edit: after posting this, i did more testing, perhaps its is firefox not waiting longer before a timeout.
as when using edge and brave, both chromium browsers, the loading of the luci pages are so slow but do not time out. over 30+ seconds for some pages.

i did the debrick procedure and no change in behaviour

then i did the procedure with openwrt-usb150-3.027.bin
and now the same problem happens.

so i guess it is not the firmware version
and now i have no idea what the next step is.

i normally do not use the router on a daily basis, have no used it in over one month.
so i debricked it again with 3.105.

so what would be the next step in debugging this.
“The connection has timed out
The server at is taking too long to respond.”

on the usb-150, the timing is tricky to get the router to boot in debrick mode.
add to that, trying to press and hold that tiny reset button hole at the same time, plugging the it into my craptop
i have debricked so many time now, it reminds me of the pink floyed lyrics

All in all it’s just another debrick in the wall.
All in all you’re just another debrick in the wall.

“Wrong, Do it again!”
“If you don’t debrick yer router, you can’t have any internet.
How can you have any internet if you don’t debrick yer router?”

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Keep trying :smiley:

Even if it loads slowly, it might finally work. I have seen others with the issue, why i don’t know.

The same here. After upgrading to 3.105 gui works so slow. Before upgrade gui worked well.
Now using router is a little frustrating.
Could you please fix it.

welcome to the forum,

what is your OS and browser?
have you tried other browsers?

OS: Android, Linux
Browser: Privacy Browser, Firefox
I have been using USB router for almost 2 years with different firmwares.
The worst experience is with the 3.105 because of gui.
This device is great I have 2 but this firmware ruins the fun of using it.

yes, i agree very frustrating.

Current UI on USB150 is running slow. We are working on next big improvement but it will be firmware 4.x and will be available middle of this year.

thanks but waiting six months to fix a crippling bug seems like a long time.
very hard to use the product now.

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maybe they focus on quantity not quality

very disappointing, they have way too many devices that are too similar and fail to support them.

after all these months later, still not able to use my router to its full potential!

I have bunch of them. Firmware is getting worse and worse.

and as far as i can tell, the usb150 is a unique product, nothing else like it on the market.

i have been using a pizero with this

I strongly disagree that the USB150 is unique, as every product GL iNet makes seems to be a one-off! As an owner of at-least one each of a USB150, Microuter-n300, AR300M, a AR300M16, AR750 and AR750S-Ext, I would say every router is different and everyone has its own set of problems with upgrades! I feel that GL iNet has too many different hardware products for their software team to properly support. @alzhao standard answer for bugs in their firmware is just wait a few more months for the next beta, release, or what-ever. I am giving up and slowly moving everything I own to the generic OpenWrt code, as it seems to work better across the GL iNet product line. I am just waiting for OpenWrt 21.02 firmware to move out of RC releases and into production, as it will be the first version of OpenWrt that can support all my routers. In the future I will not be buying anything from GL iNet that I cannot download a production version of generic OpenWrt firmware for.


Unique? No.

Gl inet makes good hardware and I have been with a journey with them starting 6416, AR150, AR300m and AR750, but never run their GUI.
The problem is they offered too much feature sets. DNS over Https which is incompatible with DNS bind protection, etc.

You have to bear in mind these should be travel routers, quick setup and go. Not wasting 30mins configuring it and figuring out what’s wrong.

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good idea
I need to move to pure openwrt as well.