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We’re currently in the process of improving the GL.iNet Support Site to give our users a better experience. Your feedback has been vital to our past success and has shaped the core of GL.iNet. This time around, we would like to hear your positive experiences with it and feedback on areas of improvement, including site navigation, content findability, or anything that comes to your mind. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Context-sensitive help in the router web interface would be nice. Currently, the help button only links to the start page of the help center. It would be better if it linked to the relevant subpage on each page.

So if I am in the DNS settings, the link should also point to the DNS help page ( - would help many users, I guess.


Add detailed instructions (preferably with video) that will show how to mount external storage to install plugins and how to use exroot method :slight_smile:

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Thank you for putting this question out there.

Please note that whilst you are clearly looking for feedback on the existing documentation in your “Support Site” (as linked), I was drawn to this topic by the title i.e. “Help us improve our Support Site by sharing your feedback”; for me ‘Support Site’ includes this foremphasized textum.

I am sure technical support is a hiding to nothing, as you cannot please all the people all of the time, a lot of the answers are already in documentation and many are actually requests that you do not have the authority or GLiNET does not have the capacity to fulfil; I get all that.

I initially had some excellent feedback from GliNET support forum (alzhao and hansome e.g.), but it seems to me that you became quickly overwhelmed when you started producing a large number of new models and variants of existing models. I do not think your support matches the speed of your model expansion programme.

  1. The key is communication. For myself, I have asked in multiple different ways for various enhancements (see topic list below) to either the Firmware, Documentation or (importantly for me on a Travel Router) the GLiNET App. For most of my topics, there was no definitive response either way, whether you would include the enhancement or not, nor ANY response when I chased 6 months later. This is not good communication, in my view and I am personally disappointed by it. There are sometimes solutions in the Luci App or WebGui, just not the App, which seems to be the poor sister of the configuration options.

I even got to the point of asking you to just state that you would NOT include or address the specific issue because .

I do not mind if you cannot or will not include something; but then be up front and just say so.

  1. There’s only a “has your question been answered” button; the forum needs a" does your question STILL need an answer" button?

Thank you

My forum topics I do not think have been satisfactorily run to ground:

I think there should be more information about AT commands :smile: